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Specializing in Automotive, Aircraft and Marine Upholstery as well as prototypes and unique custom needs.

We understand the unique certification needs for aircraft to meet FAA safety regulations. Whether a simple seat repair to a complete interior overhaul, we've done it all.

Our clients are pilots and flight schools.

Yes, we are also sailing enthusiasts as well and know the demanding needs of boats. The sun and salt can be tough on your boat upholstery and we have helped many boaters once again enjoy their seats. And. of course, we are well versed in boating accessories like bimini covers.

Prototypes and Custom Projects:
Our industrial design expertise will benefit any prototype or custom project need you have. We have proudly worked on seating and accessory prototypes, creatively providing solutions for territory unknown. And we have helped provide solutions requiring unique fabrication of specialty parts for clients' custom need.

Our clients include private party, automotive companies, and manufacturers.
Automotive Repairs:
Typical types of repairs include falling headliner, cigarette burns, bent visor, broken seats, old carpet, leaking convertible tops, motorcycle seats and more. Some unusual repairs have been from bear attacks and flooding!

Our clients are dealerships, repair shops and private party.

Automotive Restoration:
As car enthusiasts ourselves, we are always happy to help you bring your dream machine into reality. We have worked on complete interior restorations on classic hot rods to perfecting Italian performance beauties. We understand that these are not just cars, but artworks requiring a blend of form and function, a sharp eye for details and a heart for aesthetics.

Our clients include car collectors and automotive customizers.

2412 Amsler Street, Unit A, Torrance, Ca 90505 - 310-326-6443

Monday thru Friday - 8am to 5pm

Saturdays by appointment